Monday, October 31, 2011

Key West- Weddings to Go

Nygel and i got married June 11, 2011 in Key West (yay us!) and it was the best week of my life. A huge part of why it was so great was thanks in large part to Ray and Eileen at Weddings to Go Key West. Ray and Eileen offer wedding package deals and take care of as little or much as you need. No they are not paying me to write this, in fact they don't even know (but i probably will send a link in self serving hope that they will post it on their page and publicize my page!!). What made Ray and Eileen so great though was how they worked with us. Typically they perform weddings on the beach (it's free) but as you may have imagined Nygel can't get out on the beach in his wheelchair. I had only been to Key West once before our wedding and was only there for 3 days on that first trip so i really knew nothing about the area (yet decided to plan a wedding there?). When we realized the beach was not an option and couldn't find anywhere else,  i called Ray and asked for help. Ray brainstormed all kinds of ideas with me. He carefully listened to Nygel's physical abilities and limitations and then came up with several options that we could explore and he felt would fit our needs and also make for the intimate setting we wanted. Ultimately we settled on the Key West Garden Club (which is fully wheelchair accessible and ammmmmazing). Ray and Eileen were available instantly for every question and emotional flare up that took place. Eileen made a personalized ceremony and they both were patient and professional throughout. Ray's photography was beautiful and he was great to work with. I want to promote  Weddings to Go Key West because of the impeccable service they provided us and also because of the way that they took our special needs in stride. If you are planning a wedding or vow renewal consider Key West and then call Weddings to Go Key West.                                                          

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  1. Check it out Ray and Eileen featured a story about our wedding. Pretty cool.